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MY biographY

Born in Paris, children I loved drawing. When i was teenager, I discovered I had drawing skills with an art teacher who learned me the basis of drawing and who took me around the Parisien museums in order to apply what I have learned.

Several years later, I went to Briançon in Hautes-Alpes to perform my military service.

So, I have discovered the universe of the mountain, overwhelmed by all these splendors, my life was radically changed, so much that at 25 years old, I decided to leave Paris and settle definitively in Haute-Savoie, it was like a call.

All these mountains so captivating intrigue me. I found the inspiration over the years and through my trips to the top of the mountains, offering each season a breath-taking show to which I become sensitive.

When my eyes look at the mountains, they explore them to study the colors and the smallest detail of the relief which change according to the light of the seasons and to the time of the day.

So, in harmony and in front of this nature so hard and so beautiful at the same time, I find the inspiration to paint pictures as a tribute and thanks to our beautiful planet. That's how I express myself, through the grace of a landscape not frozen but alive.

Nature Picture, I let myself be carried away by the colors on the light of the reliefs and the rock mixed sometimes with the water in all its states....

I welcome nature with respect and justness for the purity of its beauty as it is "Work of Art", and I give back through my art as realistic as possible to my eyes.

Influenced by the greatest names of Impressionism, today I contribute to a new trend, the Neo-Impressionism.

A promise of enchanting journeys in the heart of the fabulously magical landscapes of the mountain chains.

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